Tap dancing is a technique consisting of footwork and the expression of rhythm through sound. Our classes consist of both Broadway and rhythm tap. Technique, clarity, combinations, and terminology are covered in this class.

Gymnastics/Acrobatics is a gymnastic technique focusing on the floor exercise. Younger acrobats will concentrate on strength conditioning, technique, flexibility, terminology, and basic tumbling. Older acrobats will continue strength conditioning, perfect technique, move on to handsprings, tucks, layouts, ariels, while incorporating dance with elite tumbling skills.

Ballet dancing is a technique consisting of discipline, movement expression through classical music, and graceful fluidity. Younger dancers focus on basic rhythms, creative movement, line and group combinations, motor skills, basic terminology, and ballet positions. Older dancers will build from this and focus on barre, turns, jumps, leaps, footwork, flexibility, control, combinations, and extensive ballet terminology.

Jazz dancing is a style of dance derived from modern and ballet influences. Jazz can be tracked back to the 1920's but transforms as time progresses. The essence of jazz is everything from the early times all the way to pop cultures' current trends. Dancers focus on rhythm, isolations, jazz combinations, leaps, turns, terminology and various jazz styles.

Jazz with a twist of high energy and street style movement. The music is usually set to popular club, rap, or house music. The latest requested style for pre-teens, teens, and young at heart adults.

Advanced level ballet class. Dancers must be at least 12 years of age with at least 5 years of ballet experience or permission of instructor. Class includes ballet barre with focus of footwork, flexibility, control, balance and strength.

Creative dance is a parent participation class that introduces young dancers to movement and music. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in this class, singing and dancing right along with their young performer. Teachers encourage children to have fun as they clap, sing, and move to music and imagine. They use scarves and hula hoops to appreciate lightness and roundness, while learning balance and coordination.

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