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Welcome to Little Stars Early Learning Academy!

Little stars learning together.Here at Little Stars we believe that children are born with a love for learning. Our job is not so much to light the fire of learning, but to feed that fire which already exists within each child. Through dance, gymnastics, vocal and instrumental music, literature, and visual and performing arts, we provide rich experiences for children to learn through play with other children in a highly educational environment. We are not a preschool. We are not a day care. We are so much more.

Our Staff:

Courtney Delaney Bowen - Director
Courtney Delaney Bowen first began working with children in middle school, and has since expanded her work with children in a variety of aspects. From being a resident camp counselor to teaching dance, Courtney has a wide range of experience working with children of all ages. Earning her BA in Psychology at the University of California, San Diego, Courtney explored children’s therapy and counseling through several internships mentoring and working in counseling centers at various schools across San Diego county. However, she was constantly drawn back to the classroom and teaching itself. At this point Courtney headed into the education field and received her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from San Diego State University. She then continued on to teach first and third grade, but found her favorite age group to work with while teaching kindergarten at a private preschool. In 2009, Courtney came upon the opportunity to take over All Star Dance and combine her two biggest passions, dance and teaching. Since taking over the business, Courtney has grown the studio and focused her teaching on spreading the love of dance. Courtney is very excited to have this opportunity to bring academic learning to the studio and combine it with performing arts. Combining play, the arts, and a rich, exploratory environment, Little Stars uses Courtney’s beliefs to create a welcoming, child centered learning environment.

Erin Hoyt Erin Hoyt - Lead Teacher
Erin grew up in the Orange County area. She received her BA in Liberal Studies with a focus on Education from San Diego State University. She has a wide-range of experience with students of all ages creating a friendly, welcoming, and nurturing environment. She has a love and passion for children and enjoys bringing performing arts into learning activities, and other exploration opportunities. Erin is ready to carry on the Little Stars values focusing on a play-based curriculum where the students can explore and learn at their own pace.


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